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PRESENTING - Restaurant Web Express

What is Restaurant Web Express?

Restaurant Web Express is a culmination of years of website design and deployment, along with input and direction from many people in the industry. Back in the early part of 2006, we noticed that restaurant websites were either non-existant or, if existing, not done very well and often not updated.

Restaurant owners/managers simply don't have the time to constantly contact their web designer with changes, for which they would then get charged (known as the "nickel and dime you to death" syndrome). Many would prefer to do it themselves if they could, but didn't have the knowledge or the means to do so.

Simply put, we've put our expertise in web design and have spoken with leading experts to develop the best online restaurant application available. It had to be easy to use, easy to update, allow for online marketing and, most importantly, be cost effective.

Built solely for restaurants

The Restaurant Web Express application provides a "soup to nuts" approach to your website needs. We do the hosting, we design the site, we provide you with a domain; heck we'll even enter your menus the first time. All you do is sign up, provide us with some information, and sit back while we work. Soon, you'll have a professionally designed site with all the bells and whistle, while only outlaying about $3-5 a day.

* Want to offer takeout and/or delivery on your site? We have that.
* Want to email your customers a coupon to bring them back into the restaurant? We have that, too.
* Need to change your hours on the web? Go ahead. Our application makes it easy.
* Have more than one location with "slightly" diffferent menus? No problem. One item, different prices based on location - easy to do