• Is this program easy to use?
    Yes, there is no HTML knowledge required. Updating your menus and web pages simply requires data entry. However, our staff is always available for assistance if you have any questions or concerns.
  • How long will it take to build my website?
    Building your restaurant site will take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks depending on the extensiveness of the design process.
  • Why is it important that restaurants advertise online?
    There are 73 million people under the age of 18 in the U.S. that have grown up immersed in technology, mainly the internet and its instantaneous delivery of information. This means that future generations will further use the internet as an information source. Furthermore, 45% of adults aged 25-40 have used the internet to look up local restaurants. The internet is an increasingly powerful advertising tool.
  • What sets you apart from other web design companies?
    Our websites are versatile and custom designed to meet your restaurant's specifications. Unlike our competitors, there is no start up fee and managers/owners have the freedom to update their websites easily and frequently. In addition, we are continually looking to improve upon our restaurant application programming and designs. We are committed to making your site a success.
  • Is my website instantly updated when I edit the records?
    Yes, it is automatically updated for your customers to view. You also have the option of choosing whether a web page, menu, or menu item is "active" or "inactive". If a record is in progress, selecting "inactive" provides you the helpful ability to not have the record available to view publically.
  • Can you build a site for a client located anywhere in the U.S.?
    Yes, currently we have clients from all over the country, from Alaska to Maryland.
  • What are the costs involved?
    You can calculate your exact price - here -
  • What does your website offer?
    Because the list is quite exhaustive we recommend viewing out features page available - here -
  • What happens when my contract length is finished?
    You can easily renew your contract at anytime.
  • Do you have to pay by credit card?
    No, we also accept cash and check.
  • How does the email feature work?
    The extensive Standard level package includes up to 30 email accounts. The ability to maintain a mailing list and send out email offers to your customer base is another in-demand feature that comes in addition to all our restaurant sites. 36% of customers have stated that receiving an email offer for a product or service they wanted "at that time" significantly increased their likeliness to partake in a business' services.
  • Why should I choose RWE over competition?
    Restaurant Web Express specializes in restaurant web sites. Our administration area is specifically designed to make every task a restaurant needs to do easy. Our staff are specially trained to work with members of a restaurant. Our graphical designers will make the exact design that you want. Lastly, the features we offer at the price we offer them at can not be beat.
  • If I have a problem with something how will it get handled?
    Our staff is available via email and phone if ever need us. Our business is small enough to be flexible and be able to offer you an appropriate remedy to any situation. We are also large enough to address any of your needs promptly. We have an emergency system in place in case there is the need. We monitor our server 24/7 and are instantly alerted of problems.
  • How much work is it/how hard is it to create a website?
    The amount of time you put into the website is completely up to you. We work with customers that want to put a lot of time into every aspect of the site and we have customers that would rather we take care of everything. Restaurant Web Express has a customer new account system that streamlines the creation process and makes all communication easy and organized. In our system you can easily see what is left for you to complete and view what you are waiting on us for. Friendly email alerts and reminders are automatically emailed so you don't have to worry about forgetfulness. Lastly we offer special completion times and guaranteed completion dates, contact us for more information on this.
  • Who created this software?
    We created this software from scratch. If you would like to, for any reason, you can talk to the creators directly.
  • Can you accommodate special software requests/custom stuff?
    Absolutely. There are two types of custom work we complete. One in which the entire system gets updated. If you request a change that applies to the whole system it is free. We encourage input on how to make our product better and love suggestions on how to do so. If the change is only going to effect your site we will make the change on your account only and, depending on how much work is involved, additional fees may apply.
  • What happens after a site is created and I want changes?
    Once your site has been launched we will continue to work with you if you need any additional changes or help. Small changes are never a problem and we promise to do them promptly and for free. If you require require changes that take up a large amount of time we offer very affordable maintenance contracts.