Getting your restaurant into social media. (facebook, myspace etc.)
Setting up shop on social media sites is an easy, cheap way to promote your restaurant. We recommend you sign up to at least the top 3 of the list. In the very least these will act as a place for people to easily find your phone number, address and directions. It only takes a little while to upload photos of your place. Learn the methods for asking for friends and encourage people to become yours. There is a good chance that one of your employees is an expert with these programs, see if they can be a resource for you

Here is a list of the essential sites..

Social Networking Rank

Try to have fun gathering contacts on these sites. Giving out coupons, having people post things on their 'walls', and running contests can make you popular. This popularity translates directly into the ability to reach out to a large number of people. Make sure to explore promoting your social networking profiles at your restaurant. Stands on the tables, posters on the walls are easy.