Introduction to the internet for restaurants: an overview for the beginner.
The first step to any successful online presence is to setup clear goals for what you want to receive from your website. Online marketing is a broad term that refers to the promotion of a web site for the express purpose of achieving the goals of the website. You can read about how and why it is important to set up these goals throughout this site. There is a complete article - available here - about this step. Once you have clear goals established it is your online strategy that will help accomplish them.

There are no clear cut steps that have to be followed for your online strategy. Every pursuit is going to be different because every restaurant is different and everyone's goals are different. It is important to keep the mentality; to utilize the internet fully requires an ongoing process that must be flexible, dynamic and creative. Now when I discuss this with a lot of customers the first thing they bring up is the fact they already have way too much work to do. With that in mind, if you are unable to devote any maintenance time to your online presence, as long as you start with the proper fundamentals, you will be able to have utilize the internet to the benefit of your restaurant.

The start to every online presence is a website. If built properly, your website will be an endless resource for your customers. Providing essential information and selling your services continuously. Many people will look at your website to find directions, to gather information about your menu and pricing or to get a general feel of your restaurant atmosphere. The success of your website requires the utilization of seo techniques, the construction to be made in the most appropriate web standards and finally the submission of your site to proper search engines.

Once this has been established it is important to conduct appropriate outreach programs. We have written many articles about this but the fundamental idea is the same. 1) list your website in as many places as possible and 2) communicate with your customers as much as possible. To start this process we recommend thinking about how you do this already. A example is coupons, do you distribute coupons currently? If so, where do you do this and what do you get in return for them? A new approach to your old system might be to start a free facebook account, and if people become your friend they receive a free coupon.

If you have any ideas, comments or questions, feel free to contact us. We promise to provide you with a resource to discuss and enact plans and to provide our expertise in any way possible.